Mrs. Burton and students
Photo taken by Korteny Sheahan. FHC Today.

First Things, First

For a successful transition from a traditional classroom to a flipped classroom, it's a good idea to do some introductory prep with students and their parents. Here are some of the things that I do in order to set the stage:

Assigning the Video

In order to insure success, here are some pointers for assigning a video-lesson:

What's for Homework?

Students need to know what they should do for homework. Here are the pointers that I give my students:

Class Time

Here is the schedule that I follow when video notes are due:

  1. Notes Quiz
    --Students may use their notes to complete a 5-7 question quiz to show that they took notes over the video.
  2. Summary
    --Often we watch an animated explanation of the objective that accompanies the textbook
    --Next, together as a class, or with their partner, they write a 5 sentence summary for the "resume" section of our notes. (They are to write three quiz-type questions in the "Questions" section on their own.
  3. Reinforcement/Practice
    --Class time is spent either working on an ongoing project or working with partners or groups of four to complete a cooperative learning activity.

Cooperative Learning Activities

Here are some examples of activities that help students to work together to practice the objectives: